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Exporting wine to the Nordic market

As a result of the monopolies on the sales of alcohol, the Nordic wine market is rather unique compared to other European wine markets. They strongly regulate the quantity and quality of wine available in the Nordic countries through strict tender procedures. These tender procedures offer opportunities for developing country wine producers, if the specific tender requirements are met. As the monopolies promote consumption of organic and ethical wines, the Nordic wine market provides good opportunities for exporters in these niche markets.








The brand stores of Systembolaget is owned by the Swedish Gouvernment, and as such, a single national company with retail network of over 440 stores and over 500 agents serving smaller communities. 

The product range is one of the most comprehensive in the world and is developed continously to match changes in trends among the Swedish wine consumers.

Oour product management team are experts in finding the right products to offer to the monopoly tenders that will be blind tasted and selected for launch. As of today we are proud to have more than 200 products listed in monopoly shops.





The Monopoly introduces about 15-20 new SKUs every two months, added to over 300 wine importers launching new products at the same time at the monopoly retail chain. Consumers have a wide offer (a shop in a big city can have about 1 800 products in store), which makes them less loyal to brands and prone to try something different every time.

The consumers make most of their decisions at the shelves or at the point of purchase. Clerks and shop managers have strong influence recommending wines and the same goes for a selected group of journalists. All this happens in mature market with a Monopoly that for the second consecutive year decrease it sales, facing competition from the border trade with Sweden and Tax Free shops on airport where the Norwegian consumer buy over 7 million liters of wine every year. 





Alko Inc. is modern and customer focused alcohol retailer in Finland. Alko is still state own monopoly.

Alko’s selection is based on thier customers’ needs. Its product repertoire consists of more than 200 product segments that help to ensure a broad and customer-oriented selection. To find new product ideas, Alko pays attention to customers’ feedback and requests as well studies the latest trends. Based on requests and trends, Alko decides what kind of products are required and draws up a selection plan.

Alko offers a selection of almost 11,000 products. It also offers customer service and tips for choosing the right drink to accompany any food.

Alko serves all Finns from south to north. Three out of four Finns live within four kilometres of an Alko service point. Alko’s service network includes Alko shops, Alko online shop and pick-up points. From shops and pick-up points customers can collect products, they have ordered from the Alko online shop.

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