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Sustainable operations



Being one of the major Scandinavian companies within alcoholic beverages comes with responsibilities. We take pride in fair business relations all trhough the supply chain, always being compliant with marketing rules and regulations. To be truly successful we build long term relations, not only with the end consumer who love our wines, but also with the production and logistic side. 

Striving for efficiency is a cost saver for all parts involved, not least for the environment. 

Therefore, we constantly evaluate and improve our entire operation, and we have a strong focus in finding the best organic and environmentally sustainable products. 

We follow the guidelines for CSR related issues stated by the BSCI code of conduct, and support our producers if they need information within this field. 

The main part of our goods is transported by train to makte the least possible envrionmental impact. Goods coming out of the warehouse is being co-transported for the same reason.

A Nordic Logistics solution



We collaborate with the leading Nordic logistics and distribution companies to get the best possible solution for each market. 

The volume of wine that we supply to the Nordics requrie the best logistics partners. 

In Sweden, just outside of Stockholm, our partners is PostNord, distributing our products to the stores of Systembolaget- 

The warehouse is equipped with the latest digital technology and the supply chain solution is set to make the least possible impact on the environment. 


Skanlog is leading independet logistics specialist with full coverage in Norway. They offer a complete package of supply chain management solutions, customized to meet our special needs and requirements. 

Skanlog is located in Ulven just outside Oslo.

In Finland, ME Group is one of the biggest providers of alcoholic beverage logistics services for the dometsic market, and the biggest supplier of logistics services to the duty-free market in the Baltic Sea area. 

ME Group is located in Turku, the third largest city in Finland. 

Building strong brands



Branding is as important as the quality of the wines. Despite the fierce competition, regulations and restrictions in today’s Nordic market, we know how to cut through and reach out. Consumers decision process is still influenced by what they see and hear from restaurants, bar venues, media and friends.
Therefore, we reach out to our consumers through many types of media being on the forefront in the digital field. By choosing the right channel for the right product, we reach interested ambassadors with new products and concepts - and the ball can start rolling.

​Our public relations office and marketing division reach out to the right media and magazines. We maintain good relationships with industry media, lifestyle magazines, the blogosphere, daily newspapers and financial media, as well as the important trendsetters in culture, fashion, industry and business.

Product quality management



To be a brilliant product manager you don’t just have to be an expert taster, you need to have a deep understanding of the final consumers idea of quality and preference for wine style.
We analyze the possible positioning of the product from its packaging, origin, varietal, wine style, colour, price, occasion for consumption and other parameters that will affect whether it will
be picked from the shelf.
We offer consultation, guidance, and travelling to your premises to make blends for Monopolies tenders.

With years of experience from the buying- and sensory department of the monopoly, on-trade, giving wine lectures and wine tastings, meeting final consumers, and just plain hard work, we dare say that we know the
Scandinavian wine consumers well by now.

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