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White wine, white wine

Deadline offer:
Deadline sample:
Retail price:
maximum € 18.99

South Africa



Tasting Profile:

Designation of origin:
WO Paarl, WO Stellenbosch, WO Swartland and/or their ward (WO)
Required volume:
vintage wine
Heading 6
Size in ml:
Speciality products

Dry. Grape variety Chenin Blanc. The grape variety must appear on the label. The region of production and the classification (WO) of the wine must be indicated on the offer and on the label. The vintage must be indicated on the label. An ethical trade wine will be advantageous. Registration in the recycling system will be advantageous. Product feature enabling Alko’s Green choice -symbol will be advantageous. Several products can be bought from this tender. Volume estimation 1200 litres/4 months. Estimation of initial channel fill quantity 1000 litres. More accurate sales estimates and channel fill quntities will be given at the time of purchase when listing is confirmed. Specialty period 3.4.2025 - 6.8.2025 Vintage changes are possible for products chosen from this tender before the listing date. The vintage at product launch can deviate from the sample provided, if the vintage is more recent. The possible change of vintage before the sales start needs to be informed in the offer. The new vintage must be available according to the preliminary listing schedule announced in the tender. Alko will evaluate the new vintage, and to be approved it needs to style wise correlate with the offered product. This will be verified with Alko’s sensory evaluation and quality control process. Sending samples of the new vintage needs to be agreed with the product manager.

Tender Application

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